Gold A Layman's Investment Manual

A How-to Book On
Picking and Choosing Your Precious Metal Investments

By Michael E. Odell - ISBN 0-924380-004

More than 170 pages packed with profitable information. This is not another get-rich-quick book. This book contains exactly the sensible information needed to help you profit and protect.

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The fundamentals set forth in A Layman's Gold Investment Manual are explicit and easy to understand. Allowing you to use the author's more than 35 years of experience and knowledge to your financial advantage.

Contents Include

Chapter 1. What This Book Will Do For You
Chapter 2. Why Gold
Metals Money and Inflation What is money - What it is not Who causes inflation - Not you Inflation - Past Present Future The dollar and The gold investor Double digit inflation - 1990s What the prudent investor should do
Chapter 3. Plucking The Unaware Market Crashes and Metals Gold and financial panics Gold profits & The Crash of 1873 New York Stock Exchange shuts down Gold & World War One Gold - The crash of 1929 & 1987 Small gold investor - Late to the party What now - Stock market & metal prices
Chapter 4. Rich Ore A Mine Does Not Make Exploration - Mineralization Vs Ore Gold and mineral deposits Exploration methods - The looking Sampling and drilling Testing and Assaying - Rocks or riches A mine maybe - Valuations
Chapter 5. We Have A Mine - Maybe Development What are the odds - Risk and rewards Mining properties - What type Can we make money - and Feasibility Ore Reserves and gold - Do we have any Getting out the ore - Mining Methods Milling - Getting the gold from the ore Chapter 6. We Have A Mine - Production How Much Profit - The Big One Analyzing And Comparing Buying and Selling - When To And How To
Chapter 7. Australia - Penny Stocks or The New South African ADRs Australia - The latest fad Gold in Australia - Yesterday & today Bonanza of the 1990s - A warning Major gold developments for the 1990s
Chapter 8. South Africa An Economic or Moral Choice Raising costs - Lower production New mines, new methods, new production Risk & Reward - Should you The mines of South Africa
Chapter 9. Canada Searching The Golden North Finding the gold - Yesterday & tomorrow Gold deposits of British Columbia Gold in Ontario and Quebec Major gold developments for the 1990s Leading Canadian gold mines
Chapter 10. Gold In America Who Finds and Where Alaska - Who's doing what & where California - Yesterday & today Colorado - Montana - Gold search wide spread Nevada - The leading gold state Carlin - Richest area in North America A gold story - Dakota's Homestake Major gold developments
Chapter 11. The Metals Platinum Silver Gold Platinum - Who needs it Silver - One factor for higher prices Gold & Deflation Gold as a monetary metal Who supplies - Who uses Investor demand & Why Price history Bearish factors - Why lower prices Bullish factors - Why higher prices
Chapter 12. From Coins To IRAs Other Gold & Silver Investments Investing in gold & silver coins - Why Gold & silver bars - The small investor Platinum investments - Are you sure Precious metal dealers - Who & who not Storage - To Bury or not to Bury Leverage investing & other foolishness Gold & silver mutual fund investments Precious metal IRAs & pension plans Chapter 13. Au - A Glossary What All Those Symbols & Words Mean For checking those who say they know All this and a lot more.

Michael Odell's book Gold A Layman's Investment Manual offers you more than 35 years of the author's proven and practical experience: Elected to his state's legislative body, a registered lobbyist, active in numerous political campaigns. The author understands the financial consequences of political decisions. A former broker, he spent more than sixteen years specializing in precious metals and mining stocks. He has the insider background needed. He has more than 35 years of accumulated knowledge as a "hard money" and "limited government" advocate. The fundamentals which have taken the author years to assimilate are set forth in explicit and easy to understand form. Allowing you to use the author's experience and knowledge to your advantage.

All this profitable information will be yours when you order A Layman's Gold Investment Manual - A How-to Book on Picking and Choosing Your Precious Metal Investments

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