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Michael E.Odell Celebrating 50 Years Practicing Isshin-ryu
A Sensei Steve Armstrong Isshin-ryu Student Since 1968

 Picture on left and below shows your host listening to   Sensei  Sherman Harrill explain his perception of Isshin-ryu:  1991, Tacoma, Washington.


Picture below shows Michael Odell receiving one of Sensei A.J. Advincula's finer points: Calgary, Canada 2004. And finally getting it? Abbotsford, Canada 2009


"A Dojo Without a Makiwara is a Dance Studio." __ Okinawa Dojo
"All is in Sanchin." ___ Kanbun Uechi 1877-1948

Isshin-ryu Founder

September 19, 1908 - May 30, 1976

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