No Blood No Resentment

No blood, no resentment, just good karate at the Okinawa Karate Kobudo Kokusai Tomo No Kai - meaning the Okinawa Karate Kobudo International Friendship Association. And it was.

On September 19 and 20, 1998, four original students of Tatsuo Shimabuku's Okinawa dojo - A.J. Advincula, Sherman Harrill, Robert Safreed and Kensho Tokumura - and a group of 30 karate-ka met at Shannon Coffee's dojo in Oceanside, California.

Shannon is a Tae Kwon Do instructor who graciously loaned her dojo for this Okinawa Tomo No Kai Karate event.

The event was a brewing mix of first generation students of Don Nagle, Harold Long, Steve Armstrong, Kichiro Shimabuku, Angei Uezu and the four original Shimabuku students.

The rank, the egos, and the resulting animosities were absent. It was a time of friendship and sharing. The four original Shimabuku students shared their memories of the early days of training, and the eclectic teachings of Tatsuo Shimabuku. Sometimes each remembered differently. At other times they couldn't recall. After all it has been between 35 and 40 plus years.

Everyone shared and discussed the basics and the theory of kata and kobudo. Kensho Tokumura, however, was the center of attention. With forty-two years in the martial arts, Tokumura had a lot to give. While in junior high, Tokumura joined the Shorin ryu karate club. Later, in the spring of 1957, the 15 year old Tokumura became a student of Tatsuo Shimabuku until the Isshin ryu founder passed away on May 30,1975.

Throughout the years Tokumura trained in other styles of karate and kobudo, including Kobudo under Master Eisuke Akamine the successor to Shinken Taira, and Goju ryu under Miyazato Eiichi.

Kensho Tokumura is one of Tomo No Kai's Okinawa cultural guides, instructing Tomo No Kai visitors in karate and kobudo, and the culture and traditions of Okinawa. Today, Tokumura is a Goju ryu teacher. But, he still performs an exceptional Isshin-ryu kata. And at his dojo he proudly displays a picture of Tatsuo Shimabuku - his Sensei.

Here is a list of the attendies: J. Philip Barry (NJ), Brian Newton (OK), Mike Demeter (MI), Michael E. Odell (Wa), Barry Barnet (TX), Byron Marriner (NJ), Jim Parnell (TX), Mark Meyers (LA), Mark Riddle (MS), Pim Barnet (LA), Lindi Evans (TX), George Calvert (NJ), Keith Craig (CA), Robert J. Hanula (PA), John Culbertson (CA), Philip Raymond (OR), Zane Legg (CA), Robert Safreed (CA), Arcenio J. Advincula (CA), Kensho Tokumura (Okinawa),
Sherman Harrill (IA), Glen Waro (NJ), Susan Riddle (MS), Jeff Perkins (MI), Joan Calvert (NJ), Carol Womack (TX), Sal Musco (NJ), Roy Bird and Tom McDonach (B.C. Canada), Mike Calandra (NY), Tim Piretti (NJ), Steve Bart (NV)

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