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Beating the Competition : 150 Ways to to Win New Customers for Your Small Business - Tait Trussell This book contains 128 pages of stimulating ideas on how to win new customers--ideas the author gives some innovative twists.

Successful Business Plans for Lemonade Lemonade Stands: The How-to Create a Written Success Strategy for The Micro-Business - Michael E. Odell with Ray White Successful individuals know where they are going. This book helps you to do just that, a proven step-by-step plan for business and personal success. This book will help you start a business, build enthusiasm and confidence, create and enjoy a better life.

Capturing Customers : How to Target the Hottest Markets Of The 90s - Peter Francese The author shows you how to increase sales and profits by focusing on your potential customers. He shows you how to find who your customers are and where your customers are. What they buy. Where they buy. And how they can be reached.

Dave's Way : A New Approach to Old-Fashioned Success - David Thomas The founder of Wendy's International shares his proven approach to commercial achievement, personal success, and true prosperity.

Grinding It Out : The Making of McDonald's - Ray Kroc "You will get the best hamburger you ever ate for fifteen cents. And you don't have to wait..."An interesting autobiography, showing America is still the land of exceptional opportunity.

How to Win Friends & Influence People - Dale Carnegie Still the best book to lead you to personal and business success. Dale Carnegie shows you how to avoid people problems, make a first good impression, become a good conversationalist. And how to build successful relationships with family, friends, and business associates.

Seeds of Greatness : The Ten Best-Kept Secrets of Total Success - Dr. Denis Waitley He shows you how to hang on to your dreams - even when you are facing fear, failure, and ridicule.
Seeds of Greatness Audio Cassette - Dr. Denis Waitley While driving or riding the bus, listening to these tapes will help you understand and achieve self-determination and productivity in every area of life.

The Power of Positive Thinking - Norman Vincent Peale An inspiring book that will help you create a positive change in your life, by learning to eliminate all the negative thoughts that prevent you from achieving happiness and success.

Marketing Plans for Lemonade Stands: The Micro-Business Owner's How-to Guide to More Sales & Bigger Profits - Michael E. Odell This book is jammed full of valuable information to develop a winning marketing strategy, bring in new clients, boost sales, save money, increase profits, and live a more joyful life. This encouraging and success building book helps you step-by-step build a plan to do just that.

Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude - Napoleon Hill & W. Clement Stone True and inspirational stories showing how people applied practical and proven approaches to become more positive, persistent, and truly successful in every area of their lives.

With no fear of failure : Recapturing Your Dreams through Creative Enterprise - Tom Fatjo and Keith Miller This is a power-packed informational book written by two successful entrepreneurs who have been there and done that--several times.

Winner's Edge : The Critical Attitude of Success - Dr Denis Waitley This is not a feel-good book filled with fluffy platitudes. This book is full of solid guidance that can help change your life.

World Class Selling : The Complete Selling Process - Roy Chitwood The small business owner must sell or fail. If you want to increase sales and customer satisfaction, this book is it. The glad-handing pressure tactics of selling are obsolete. This book shows you how to do for the customer rather than to the customer. Roy Chitwood shows you how to successfully sell and serve your clients and customers and enjoy doing it.

You Can If You Think You Can - Norman Vincent Peale Dramatic stories of how men and women transformed their lives and careers by following Dr. Peale's philosophy of positive thinking.
You Can If You Think You Can Audio Cassette - Norman Vincent Peale While driving or riding the bus, listening to these tapes will help you develop the inner power to carry you over every obstacle

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